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Friday, January 01, 1999

Change (August 26, 1995)

Friends are precious to a heart.
We grow and flourish with them.

To pull that away makes you feel.
Feel empty and distant.

They help guide you and hold you.
You stumble and fall without.

You thought you were emotional before.
Intensity of such things are greatened.

Your life lesson is so much heavier.
You begin to think what have I done.

You wish you could go back and change.
But why? Things always happen for a reason.

Take away this grey cloud.
Clear my mind of all uncertainty.

I have made my place.

I have made my life.

be right.

E.C. Hourie
    A bud has blossomed (November 7, 1991)

    You start once as a bud,
    small and insecure.
    Each dew drop makes you grow.
    You grow wiser and older.

    The sun give you warmth,
    to heat you and make you healthy.
    The wind makes you cold
    and shows your imperfections.

    Your roots are planted and you must grow,
    to be the best you can be.
    Soon after you have had a little dew,
    some sun and some wind.

    You are growing wiser, feeling better,
    and your imperfections can be dealt with.
    This little bud you once were is no more.
    You have blossomed and now can never turn back.

    E.C. Hourie
      Love me now (March 25, 1989)

      Time was there to share.
      Hold our thoughts and care.
      My heart was yours to keep,
      but now it's time to sleep.

      I dream my night away,
      but there's so much more to say.
      I hope in time to come,
      you'll hurt like everyone.

      Love me now,
      or let me go and hurt forever more.

      I can't believe I stayed,
      with all the games you played.
      Now I am the fool to feel,
      with wounds to never heal.

      I hope you feel that pain,
      cause the time will come again,
      to choose between two fair,
      and love is not one to share.

      Love me now,
      or let me go and hurt forever more.

      I hope you hurt
      deep inside.
      but your heart is to cold to feel.

      E.C. Hourie
        What kind of love (November 20, 1986)

        I've always wondered about life,
        what is right and what is wrong.
        Again I have wondered about life,
        what is so special and lasts long.

        Now I think I've got an answer,
        It's all worked out in my mind.
        There is more than one type of love
        there can be many kinds.

        You are special in your mind,
        as I am in mine,
        but the specialness that I have
        is not so perfect, but it is fine.

        If the world was made of perfection,
        no one would like one another.
        But no one is perfect,
        which makes us love each other.

        Now I have thought it through,
        and its not a boyfriend I long for,
        but someone to have fun with,
        a good friend means so much more.

        It can still be call love,
        but its different and unique.
        A kind of 'brotherly' love,
        and it is you whom I seek.

        Now I am only fifteen,
        it took me that long to realize
        that I want a different love,
        other than true love with some guys.

        And that makes them special
        in my mind, as it should yours.
        It makes me think of each grain of sand
        on those special lake shores.

        E.C. Hourie
          Please remember, these were written when I was younger... much younger.

          Two Hearts ( November 4, 1986)

          We each have two hearts,
          one to love one to break

          If you use the love heart right,
          joy and happiness it will make.

          If you use the love heart wrong,
          you'll leave it there to break.

          I know I might be right,
          and I even could be wrong,

          but when you truly love someone,
          it lasts so very long.

          And when you get the feeling
          you think it might be wrong,

          remember the feeling of love isn't wrong
          its always right,

          And if your thinking it is wrong,
          then put up a fight.

          For if your truly in love,
          love is always right.

          If you find you do something
          to hurt your love so true,

          then talk to him or her
          and tell them you are blue.

          Say that you didn't mean to hurt
          the one you love so true.

          Then if he or she kisses you,
          you know it will never end.

          Or if he or she shakes your hand,
          you know they are your friend.

          But, if he or she walks away,
          you know it is the end.

          E.C. Hourie