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Monday, January 26, 2004

I wrote this poem in July of 2002 after my third miscarriage:

My Angel

Nobody knows where ‘they’ come from
but everyone knows ‘they’ are there.
A figment of your imagination
or flying in the air.

They bring a sense of peace
to know you’re not alone
and fill your heart with warmth,
as you are never on your own.

For the babies I have lost
became angels for us all.
To bring us peace and warmth
and guide us when we fall.

I feel proud to know
my angels are there for you.
To think about my angels
and the wonderful things they will do.

After all that I have given,
I have one thing left to pray,
God please let me keep
an angel, here with me, one day.

In loving memory of my angels, Avery, Jamie, Little G and Ryen.

E.C. Johnson