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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


As you sit to ponder
there is a brush
on your shoulder, ever so slight

You turn to see
if someone is there.
And all you see is black as night

You close you eyes
to feel his presence
and pray with all your might

For he surrounds you
and takes the bad.
And leaves you with all that’s right.

E.C. Johnson

    Sunday, February 22, 2004

    My Place

    Water falls drip by drip,
    emptiness sounds so hallow.
    The silence resonates,
    so loud yet you can not hear.

    You can not move,
    yet it is all so enclosing.
    You search the area around,
    to find nothing near.

    You feel the wind,
    as it blasts on your face.
    Yet you can not breathe,
    you gasp for air.

    You stumble to find
    just a shred of evidence
    to prove where you are,
    is where you were meant to be.

    E.C. Johnson